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We tested: Indian Lounge, Indian restaurant in Nice
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Where to eat Indian in Nice ? We tested the Indian Lounge in Old Nice. A restaurant that has made us travel through its frame and its dishes.

Safari in the Monts d’Azur Reserve
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A carriage safari in the Reserve des Monts d’Azur with bison and wild animals. Are you ready to follow us to the Reserve des Monts d’Azur?

An original gift for Father’s Day
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Every year is the same story, it takes days to find an idea for a new Father’s Day gift. But not this year … We share with you an original gift.

We tested: Magic Hotel in Bergen
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We tested the Magic Hotel in Bergen and we share with you our opinion on it. Are you ready for a night on this magical hotel?

3 days in Norway
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Norway for us was to go on adventure, don’t stop to not miss anything … Norway for us was the Fjords, the waterfalls and Bergen …

Birchbox, good or bad idea?
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I speak to you of the Birchbox, gift of my girlfriends for my birthday and I give you my opinion on this box that we talk so much!